Prestige-Medical-HM-30-OB Blood Pressure Monitor Review.

The device costs $35 in U.S market and amazon online store. The apparatus can be shipped to other countries as well. The device comes with 4 AA sized batteries and nylon storage pouch. The device is preferred to be used at arm circumference of 13” to 17”. The device offers accurate readings and is tested by experts and other doctors. The device comes in white color. This device operates automatically and hence there is no need of constant manual supervision or one does not have to suspend the task to get the reading. The readings would be displayed automatically soon the button is hit.

One of the most user friendly blood pressure monitor on the market right now. Anyone will be able to operate with ease after go through the step by step guide that come with the box. I am able to operate and measure my blood pressure after just 8 mins of opening the box.


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The device is very easy to use and can be used by all persons that are at risk or already suffering from high blood pressure. The practice of monitoring blood pressure is very important as that can help you to remain healthy and the device proves to be the perfect device for it. It is offered with a two years of warranty with the purchase of the device. If you are planning to get a fine quality blood pressure monitor then, it’s time to purchase it now.