Best Blood Pressure Monitor Review - Panasonic EW3153W

Find out all the advantages of Panasonic EW3153W.

Panasonic EW3153W

Its one-touch auto inflate feature makes it easy to use. Press the button and it could inflate quickly and automatically. The measured results are displayed on its large display that makes easy reading.

The model also irregular pulse detection and body movement detection that enables any irregular pulse or arm movement automatically and displays an icon indicating the user that the reading is invalid and must be taken once again.

High blood pressure is a major medical concern in most of the people nowadays and it is necessary to have blood pressure monitor to track and manage your health. Thus, by using this device you are assured to have best benefits.

I love the futuristic looks of the device. Unlike conventional Blood pressure monitor, this is one of the best product on the market. Not only giving me accurate result, the wireless connection between the cuff and reader really is a plus feature!

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Its AM/PM average systolic comparison, displays the measured blood pressure results of morning and night simultaneously and this feature is helpful for detecting early morning hypertension.

The exclusive thing of this model is it is wireless display. It lets you puts the display wherever you desire and keep the main monitoring unit in your hand.

Featuring three color confirmation systems the device enables you to easily detect whether your blood pressure level is within the normal range.

For the systolic measurement, green indicates that the readings are in the normal range, and yellow indicates pre-hypertension, whereas red indicates hypertension.

The blood pressure monitor for upper arm from Panasonic device is available against excellent prices and Panasonic EW3153W blood pressure monitor comes with AC adapter and six AA Alkaline batteries.

The cuff less unit can be easily inserted into your arm. Excellently designed with high specifications and technology the device comes with a long life and is ideal for users who desire to check their blood pressure levels on a regular basis.

Its detachable wireless display ensures easy data portability.

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Panasonic EW3153W

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