Best Blood Pressure Monitor Review : Omron M6

Fully automatic new Omron M6 comfort IT is designed with top notch technology and comes with amazing features. Equipped with advanced Omron sensors, the device assures to provide most accurate blood pressure readings.

The intellisense technology and its exclusive pre-formed comfort cuffs ensure to fit standard and large arms with most comfort and ease. Thus, enables you to have comfortable blood pressure measurement. The automatic blood pressure monitoring device offers the comprehensive and excellent way to check accurately for hypertension.

The significant feature of M6 comfort IT is it connects to Omron online Bi-link health management and this gives you an opportunity to upload your recorded your blood pressure data easily via USB and to track, analyze the measurements and mange your health.

By analyzing and understanding your blood pressure data you will know how weight and activity can impact on your blood pressure level.

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Omron M6 Features

Its intellisense wrap cuff technology assures to provide accurate readings. Featuring cuff wrapping guide on the large LCD screen, it indicates whether the cuff is wrapped correctly or not and aids to overcome mistakes that are often made by people during blood pressure monitoring.

The device is clinically validated and has proven its accuracy under various vigorous testing procedures by many major health organizations. Its two user memory helps to store the recorded data of two users separately.

Featuring irregular heart beat detection, large and easy to read display it comes with simplistic one button operation.

Omron M6 is easy to operate and is very portable. I can bring along this blood pressure monitor whenever I am visiting my relatives in Netherlands. My hometown is in Glasgow.

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It also features morning hypertension detector, which allows you to track efficiently whether there is any difference between your morning blood pressure measurements from the rest of the day, and thus, it enables you to identify morning hypertension issue.

The device not just offers systolic and diastolic readings but along with this it also displays your pulse rate. The BP level indicator of the device enables you to easily identify whether the blood pressure range is high or normal from its LED indicators.

Red indicates that BP is high whereas green light indicates BP is normal. The device also allows you to average three consecutive readings quickly within 10 minutes. Its body movement detector is efficient enough to detect any movements in the body that can invalidate a measurement result and it displays an icon notifying the same.

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