Omron ic 10

The fully automated upper arm blood pressure monitoring device Omron i c 10 offer high specifications and comes with great functionality. Functioning on the Oscillometric technology, it measures the blood pressure and pulse rate accurately and quickly.

It features an excellent tracking mode for morning and evening blood pressure monitoring and measurements. The tracking feature makes it suitable to be utilized to promote preventive measures against heart disorders such as stroke or heart attacks.

It is designed with advanced intellisense technology that offers a comfortable and controlled inflation without even any requisite for pressure pre-setting and re-inflation.

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Omron IC 10

Omron blood pressure monitors are clinically validated for their accuracy and this Omron model is excellently designed to offer its users a very easy and convenient use.

The dual user functionality of this device enables easy monitoring of two user readings and also stores the recorded data separately in data banks for each person and approximately 84 readings can be stored for each person.

The monitor stores the recorded or measurement results for two people and also features accurate morning and evening averages. Its irregular pulse detection feature is helpful in determining the changes in your heart rate or pulse rate.

Its averaging feature is efficient to average at once three readings. The device is idyllic to use at home for proper blood pressure monitoring.

This is certainly one of the most reviewed devices on the Internet right now! Omron product has always produce highest quality device with great accuracy and it is extremely easy to operate on my own.

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Designed with an in-built clean case the device assures safe and proper storage of cuffs. The cuff, which is supplied with this unit, is specially formed comfort cuff. The cuff is very easy to slip over the arm and can be placed properly to take an accurate measurement.

The cuff sizes are available for standard to large size and thus, they can accommodate different arm circumference ranging 22-42 cm.

Some of its key features include irregular heartbeat indicator, hypertension indicator, body movement detection, morning hypertension detector, and also boasts two user memories, which is a unique feature of this device.

It is sturdy and robust design makes it durable and allows for heavy use. It has three-fold displays for showing accurate measured result of systolic, diastolic, and pulse measurements.

The results are displayed on a large LCD digital display screen and it comprises excellent operation buttons. The device also has date and time indication.

The device comes with a main blood pressure monitor unit, comfort cuff, battery set, soft storage case, blood pressure pass and instruction manual. Available against excellent price it is an ideal device for monitoring blood pressure

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