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Omron HBP 1300

Fully automatic device or preset inflation is designed with Oscillometric technology that makes this device convenient to use and durable. Equipping automatic and dynamic deflation-inflation, this device is suitable for monitoring either by manual measurement with stethoscope or auscultatory mode.

The dual measurement mode makes this device highly versatile. Mode button has to be pressed to record diastolic or systolic measurements. The device offers accurate readings and the recorded readings are displayed on the large LCD screen.

Its motion stop function enables to avert the deflation for about 5 seconds if in case body movement is detected.

The price is quite steep but it is all worth it! Not only that it is among the top of its class, it can precisely measure my blood pressure, what a fantastic product from Omron!

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Featuring irregular pulse indicator, the device aids in identifying the changes in pulse rate, heart rate or rhythm, which can be caused by mainly heart disease or any other major health issues?

This feature is disables if the device is utilized with auscultation mode. Another amazing feature of this device is that it boasts last reading display or measurement recall feature.

Comprising long battery life its custom rechargeable battery makes it possible to monitor and measure about 300 measurements with its one charge.

Its power saving auto power off function enables the unit is powered through its optional battery pack at the time when the power automatically turns off or after the set time limit elapses and when users forget to switch off the power.

Its auto power off feature does not function when the device utilized connecting with the AC adapter. There are five cuff sizes for measurement. This blood pressure monitor unit can be utilized on efficiently on pediatrics of age 3 years or above.

Different cuff sizes are available for effective usage on different arm circumference.

The device from its simple operation and high functionality makes it perfect device to use for monitoring high blood pressure. The device is available at much affordable price.

Portable blood pressure monitor supplied as a standard along with main unit comes with cuffs and bladder, ac adaptor, full instructions, and rechargeable battery pack.

The amazing portable blood pressure monitor device from Omron is designed and featured with advanced technology.

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Omron HBP1300