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MDF 850 Blood Pressure Monitor

Various products are manufactured by the MDF instruments. Some of them are given as follows:

Top products from MDF Instrument. If you are looking for a USA product and tired of Japanese Blood Pressure Monitor, you can try this top notch devices. A solid product from MDF.

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a. Stethoscopes- the stethoscopes manufactured by this company are very strong durable and have a long life. They are generally made up of finest grade zinc alloy, aluminum, brass and stainless steel thus providing them with properties of being light weight and strong.

They are also able to withstand any exposure to physical impact, heat and water. These stethoscopes are completely hygienic and of excellent quality. They come in various designs and you can choose among numerous attractive colors.

The most interesting feature of MDF stethoscopes is that the company provides its customers with lifetime offer of free replacement of parts.

b. Sphygmomanometers- these are used to know the blood pressure of any individual. This blood pressure gauge has an average life more than three times than that of an ordinary blood pressure monitoring gauge.

To evade any allergic reactions, the blood pressure cuff system are produced to be hundred per cent free of latex. All the health standards are meted out while manufacturing these sphygmomanometers and they come with a warranty of three years with lifetime calibration service.

c. Reflex hammers- these reflex hammers are durable and high performance tools which meet the strongest requirements of being accurate as well as of precision.

The engineers and the designers at the MDF instruments manufacture such instruments which adopts a modern as well as traditional look.

These reflex hammers come in ten models of different nature. They are the Taylor hammer, Babinski buck reflex hammer, Babinski hammer 535, queen square hammer, lightweight Babinski reflex hammer, lightweight tromner hammer 555P, tromner hammer 555 and the professional grade Taylor 2.0 hammer 505xl.

The neural reflex hammers come with a warranty that is valid up to the lifetime of the product thus gaining consumer satisfaction.

d. Diagnostic penlight- the medical penlight for the use of doctors is also manufactured by MDF instruments and sold at very reasonable prices.

These pocket illuminator comes with seals that are moisture resistant, clip switch and pre focused light.

e. Thermometer- the MDF instruments manufactures thermometers with technology of being touch free, where one can measure his or her temperature by simply pointing it towards the forehead.

This simple action will provide you with an accurate temperature. These thermometers come with a warranty of two years and are hundred per cent latex free, in case the patient being allergic to latex.

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