Life Source UA1030tcn Review - The talking digital monitor!

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Life Source UA1030tcn

The device also has the option to offer all the readings or instructions in any of these three different languages such as English, Spanish or French. It also boasts clock, time and date stamp, 90-reading recall and other vital indicators, which makes the blood pressure monitor to track your results easily over a period of time.

The blood pressure monitoring device comes with an ability to store your previous 90 measurement recordings, letting you efficiently track and manage your pulse and blood pressure over time. Its clock function or time/date stamp makes it very easy to identify and track your previous readings.

The measurements results of your systolic/diastolic, pulse readings are displayed on a large screen and are easy to read. This monitor just not displays your readings but it also has offers an audio option and thus the name talking monitor.

This model also boasts some unique features such as pressure rating indicator, advanced warning system, and irregular heartbeat detection. Its pressure rating indicator displays whether the blood pressure is low, normal or high.

The device alerts you if there is any irregular heartbeat, but is efficient enough to offer accurate reading even tough if irregular pulse or heart rate is detected.

The warning system notifies the users from stopping the most common problems which might occur when monitoring and aids them take the accurate reading.

This Life Source product come with a case, power adapter and batteries. The Talking option is fun to use and the voice is crisp and its operation is pretty straight forward. The cuff is newly designed and is comfortable to put on and take off.

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The device comes with a talking digital device, smoothFit cuff, storage pouch, four AA batteries, AC adapter, and instruction manual. Life source UA1030tcn is available for a really affordable price in view of its many features.

Smartly designed, this talking monitor is a unique and is an amazing device that lets you get accurate readings without much hassle. Its comfortable slide on cuff is safe and easy to use.

Monitoring your blood pressure could be very easy with this device, you simply need to press the start button to inflate the cuff and it will begin to take measurement automatically.

The digital display panel will then shows your blood pressure levels and pulse rate within few minutes. Unlike other monitors, this monitor is specially designed for visually impaired patient and has some unique features such as audio options, amazingly designed cuffs to offer great comfort and lots more.

It is proven that blood pressure measurements obtained from this device are equivalent to those readings determined by a trained monitor or observer utilizing cuff and stethoscope auscultation technique within limits set by American Herat associations.