High blood tension level or hypertension can result a person prone to have a stroke or heart attack. And hence it is very crucial to maintain a optimum blood tension level all the time and exercise is no doubt the best means to counter the high blood pressure level.

running stay healty

Many research studies by well known health institution have shown that regular exercise (workouts zumba or yoga) over a span of a few weeks or even months could modestly lower blood tension. Before you participate in any exercise training it is advisable to consult your doctor regarding your specific needs. Depending on how severe your high blood tension level is, it may need to fine tune your daily consumption of sugar level and salts.

Because  your body pump your blood to your working muscles, exercise would normally increase your blood tension. Although this effect is not permanent, if you have extreme high blood pressure level, you may need to consume some drugs before you can carry on with your exercise. For those who have only mild or moderate hypertension, however, is generally alright to carry out mild exercise.


Your doctor is the best to know which exercise is best for your health according to your blood tension condition, but whatever your blood tension level is, it’s rather safe to practice slow pace walk. Studies have shown that moderate exercise like slow pace walking may be even more constructive than in the long term lowering of resting blood tension than intense exercise program like zumba or running for long distance.

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