ParameterOmron 7 SeriesOmron 10 SeriesLifesource UB-351 Panasonic EW3006S iHealthPanasonic EW3153W
Price and Image
One Touch Use
AM/PM Averaging
Calibration Check System
Measure Range0 to 299 mmHg0 to 299 mmHg20 to 280 mmHg0 to 280 mmHg0 to 295 mmHg
Pulse Rate Range40-180 beats/min40-180 beats/min40-180 beats/min30-160 pulse/min40-180 beats/min
Cuff SizeComFit™ 23-43cmComFit™ 23-43cm13.5 to 21.5 cm12.5cm to 22cm22 - 30 CM
Power Source4 “AA” batteries4 “AA” batteries2 AAA batteries2 AAA batteries3.7V Li-ion 400mAh
Memory Storage602009090stored to iPhone
Warranty5 years5 years5 years2 years1 year

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