Why You Need to keep a Measuring Device at home?

Are you aware of the troubles that can arise if you do not keep your hypertension level in control? Hypertension has often been labeled as a silent killer because it tends to create a lot of other medical ailments.

One of the biggest troubles of fluctuating readings get from the device is that you may end up ignoring the symptoms because they may just look like you are lethargic or overworked. However, if you keep ignoring the poor reading or hypertension symptoms, you may end up with severe medical condition. This is one of the main reasons as to why you should keep a measuring device at home.

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What Is the optimal reading?

As its name implies, is a device that is used to measure the level of blood pressure. Once you familiar yourself with using it, you can measure your hypertension level whenever you feel like right from the comfort at your home.

Our normal level is 120/80.120 or the upper limit is the systolic pressure and the 80 mark is the lower one which is also known as diastolic pressure. Doctors all over the world are of the opinion that a slight fluctuation in the reading is normal and should not be taken too seriously. When you are back from heavy exercises or cardio, your hypertension reading is likely to be a little higher.

What is the consequences of poor reading?

So, ideally, you should measure your hypertension level when you have been resting and you were not engaged in draining or exhausting activities. When you record a reading over or around 140/90, it is a signal of hyper hypertension. Similarly, readings in the vicinity of 100/60 indicate low hypertension level.

Either condition is not good for your health. While hyper tension can lead to heart troubles, breathlessness and a lot of other diseases, hypo tension has some serious problems too. If your pressure keeps falling, there is a fear of instant cardiac arrest and even brain coma because ample oxygen may not be pumped to the different vitalorgans of you body.

This is one of the main reasons as to why you should know how to use the measuring monitor. Sometimes, when you are not sure but you feel the sense of dizziness or lethargy, you can instantly check the readings and analyze as to whether or not, you are suffering from the perils of fluctuating blood pressure.

Using a sphygmomanometer is not rocket science and simply following a few simple steps will help you record the pressure with ease. First of all, you should remove the different items like the stethoscope, the bladder and the gauge and place them neatly.

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How to  measure in a correct way to get accurate reading?

You should then put the cuff on your upper arm and tie it with the Velcro that is generally a part of the cuff. You should not tighten the cuff extremely as it can give you faulty readings.There is a detailed technique regarding how you should take the readings. You have to be very observant of the way you should hold the diaphragm and hear the beat of the heart when you have the stethoscope.

However these days, you can also find digital monitors and so you can also opt for them to avoid the cumbersome procedure of sphygmomanometer. So, the choice is yours but you need to make sure that you can take the right readings so that you can measure if you are in need of medication.

You should not allow fluctuating blood pressure to become a habit for you as the repercussions can be hugely devastating. So, try to master the art of measuring blood pressure and you should use them to opt for a self check up periodically.

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